Wanted Magazine Issue 2


Wanted Magazine

$23 USD

Wanted is a new biannual publication positioned at the intersection of fashion and art. It delivers visually inventive content that explores and often challenges the aesthetics associated with contemporary fashion.

The magazine’s unique editorial approach reflects and reinterprets the best of the season’s collections as well as contemporary art and design.

Julian T. Hamon Liam Warwick Max Cornwall Thomas Brown Edward Mulvihill Sara Cwynar Kate Steciw June Canedo

Contributors: Julien T Hamon, Hali Christou, Lemaire, Liam Warwick, Bridie Gilbert, Max Cornwall, Edward Mulvihill, Trevor Stones, Kate Steciw, Sara Cwynar, Thomas Brown, Sener Besim, June Canedo, Tess Herbert

8 x 10 IN, 128pp High gloss cover with foil on text and gloss inners.