Too Much Magazine Issue 6


TOO Much Magazine

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Too Much: Magazine of Romantic Geography explores how the manmade coexists with the natural. Shanghai's 16-Story Mountain by Jesper Larsson, Breathing in the Dust of the World by Dani Pujalte and Rita Puig-Serra, A Copy of the World in an Indonesian Cave by Naoki Ishikawa Chinju-No-Mori: A Shinto Forest, and In the Center of the City by Yoshiko Imaizumi, Uncomfortable With Space, Language, Humor, Climate And Culture Mentorship by Anders Edström, and The City: Paris Techno Parade by Sophie Jane Stafford are among the stories included.

Published by: Editions OK FRED Edited by: Yoshi Tsujimura. Language: English. Pages: 208. Size: 7 x 10 in. Binding: softcover