Partners Magazine Issue 1 Juergen Teller

Annual (limited)

Partners Magazine

PARTNERS is an interview magazine emphasizing the “bond” or “love” that leads to better outcomes. Ironically, with the advance of technology, and in particular the Internet, feelings of loneliness seem easier to come by. At the same time, you come to realize that you cannot work or even live alone. Tom has Jerry so that they can have an exciting daily life. Batman has Robin so that they can overcome Two-Face. John Lennon worked with Paul McCartney to make “Yesterday.” Pablo Picasso had eight women to paint master- pieces. As the pen ex- ists because of the paper, PARTNERS is here to emphasize and introduce the bond of the partner- ship. Somebody, or something, is there to share that exciting moment with to be an instance of inspiration, to give you that boost of courage needed to get over the edge, and to hold your hand for the final steps.

148 pages / 11 x 8 IN Hardcover
Colour Offset
Language: English and Japanese