Paris Sexy


Grace Ahlbom

$30 USD

In this series, I traveled back and forth from London to Paris and documented people of different ages. Most of them were skaters or musicians. Some were

14, some were my age, and some were much older. I met one of the boys, Romain, a year ago at a skate park and we reconvened this year. His age was intriguing to me as it was one of many firsts - first kisses, crushes, smokes, and drinks.

When I photographed him and other young skater boys, I found myself looking at them through the lens of what could have been my adolescence, were I born a boy. I used black and white as a way to neutralize differences in locations, language barriers, and to simulate a different world. I call this world Paris Sexy. When using black and white I was able to control the variances

in different backgrounds and create a consistent aesthetic that let the boys speak for themselves. I wanted to convey that

language wasn’t essential to my communication with them. Some I was able to speak with more easily than others, but I found that my more intimate shots happened to be with those that I experienced the greatest language barrier with. Communication is all about reading people’s body language and actual verbiage is only secondary to that. Due to the nature of photography, photos make the perfect medium for communicating without language and instead in a visual way.

Paris Sexy, 2017, 4 x 5” 50 Postcards per set. Limited Edition of 50