Mono Kultur Issue 41 Meg Stuart


Mono Kultur Magazine

With mono.kultur, Meg Stuart talked about her first physical memories, the healing power of dancing and the thrill of disorientation.

Honoring Meg Stuart’s interest in abundance and complexity, we treated the issue as a physical object that needs to be handled and turned: with text and images set in different and ever-changing directions, the issue makes for a wonderfully dynamic and dense reading experience, and so it should.

Published by: Kai Von Rabenau. Edited by: Urs Bellermann, Josephine Bobeck, Melissa Canbaz, Mareike Dittmer, Eva Gonalves, Caroline Heuer, Renko Heuer, Ute Kehn. Language: English. Pages: 44 Size: 4 x 6 in. Binding: softcover