Mono Kultur Issue 39 Terre Thaemlitz

Quarterly (limited)

Mono Kultur Magazine

In this issue entirely devoted to a singular subject, Mono is highlighting Terre Thaemlitz. Born in 1968, Terre Thaemlitz left the rigidly conservative and violently homophobic environment of his home state, Missouri, in the mid-1980s for New York. She became involved in the queer and transgender scenes both socially and musically at a time when house music was not a genre but simply the wide open sound of a specific social and political space. As New York’s underground queer music scenes dissolved under gentrification, Thaemlitz eventually relocated to Tokyo at the beginning of the ’00s. In a challenging interview with mono.kultur, Terre Thaemlitz talks about the politics of sexuality, his disillusion with the music industry, and why roller disco was so amazing.

Published by: Kai Von Rabenau Edited by: Urs Bellermann, Josephine Bobeck, Melissa Canbaz, Mareike Dittmer, Eva Gonalves, Caroline Heuer, Renko Heuer, Ute Kehn Language: English Pages: 44 Size: 4 x 6 in Binding: softcover