Mono kultur Issue 27 Ryan Mcginley

Quarterly (limited)

Mono Kultur Magazine

Each issue of Mono Kultur is focused on one subject, giving them a chance to be profiled in a unique platform. Here we present the notorious photographer Ryan McGinley. McGinley is the youngest photographer to appear in the Whitney and since then has devoted his body of work to capturing the spirit of youth in its interactions with nature, with animals, and ecstasies of the everyday.

Published by: Kai Von Rabenau Edited by: Urs Bellermann, Josephine Bobeck, Melissa Canbaz, Mareike Dittmer, Eva GonĖ¤alves, Caroline Heuer, Renko Heuer, Ute Khn, ksu Kunak, Magdalena Magiera, Florian Rehn, Anna Saulwick, Anke Schleper, Tina Wessel. Language: English Pages: 44. Size: 6 x 8 in Binding: softcover