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Buffalo Zine

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Based in Madrid and London, Buffalo Zine Issue 3 transforms the idea of a magazine and elevates it to a coffee table book. Using Victorian backgrounds that intermingle with groovy fonts, Buffalo plays on conventions of typical magazines, archiving fashion in a new way. The latest issue of Buffalo focuses on the idea of childhood by with Tim Walker's photographic series comparing sweet grannies to different pastel object, Miranda July’s go-to comfort recipe, an editorial with the actress who played Pippi Longstockings, storybook illustrations, and creating three signature covers using different designer’s archival clothing.

Published by: Buffalo Zine. Creative direction and Art Direction by: David Uzquiza. Edited by: Adrian Gonzalez. Language: English. Pages: 102 Size; 8 x 15 in Binding: Cloth-bound hardcover book, wrapped in a glossy dust jacket.