Baroness Magazine Vol.1 cover by Harley Weir

Annual (Limited Edition)

Baroness Magazine

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BARONESS STARS THE WORLD’S FINEST PERVERTS: Romy Haag, Molly Parkin, Georgina Spelvin, Colette Maison Lumiere, Harley Weir, Luigi Ontani, Penny Slinger, Sarah Baker, Neil Drabble, Sylvia Sleigh, Itai Doron, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Eloise Parry, Anastasios Logo- thetis, Edith Bergfors, Andreas Artemisio and three special covers by Harley Weir, Penny Slinger and Sylvia Sleigh.

Published by: Baroness Magazine; Language: English; pages: 222; Size: 6 x 8.5; Binding: softcover.