Newwork 04



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Publisher: Studio Newwork 
Editor: Studio Newwork
Language: English
Pages: 120
Size: 21.5 x 32 in
Binding: none

The fourth issue of Newwork magazine finds a range of artists and designers harnessing the power of contrast in its various forms to bring dimension, meaning and mystery to their work. Witness the juicy juxtaposition of graphic and narrative elements in the iconic imagery of photographer Albert Watson. Observe the synergy of classic Swiss restraint and unbridled post-modern play in the typographic design of Wolfgang Weingart and the kinetic interplay of geometric and organic forms in the poster design of Bruno Monguzzi. From the one-two punch of high contrast black-and-white forms in the photography of Julian Abram wainwright and the drawings of Robert Longo, to the poetic tension between two and three dimensions in Werner Jeker's enigmatic collages, this issue profiles artists who use dynamic dualisms to yield complex and elegant visual solutions.